Locals Hold Rally In Support Of Freddie Gray

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Protestors gathered in Buffalo Sunday, showing their support for Freddie Gray, and condemning the actions of the police officers who are now charged in his death.

“I’m sickened by the state of things in the United States, that police can murder and harrass and violate and get scot-free away with it,” said Lou DeJesus.

The event was organized by the Buffalo Anti Racism Coalition. Some people who came out said there should be demonstrations for all murders, not just police-involved killings.

“It shouldn’t just be a rally when an officer kills a black man. it should happen any time a black man kills a black man, a white man kills a white man, because at the end of the day, we’re all one race. The only thing that divides us is where we were actually born. That’s the only thing that separates us. Other than that, you cut us and we all bleed red,” said Emmanuel Kulu.

Others used the opportunity to show places where they feel Buffalo falls short.

“People in Buffalo often say that we’re lucky that we don’t have police killing us. What we have instead in buffalo is a system of economic and educational genocide. Inner city schools are being starved of funds, they’re being sold off as charters, and that’s primarily children of color and the poor,” DeJesus said.

Demonstrators also said people looking out for their neighbors will go a long way in bettering our nation and our community.

“It takes a neighborhood to raise these children. That’s the bottom line. If I see somebody’s kid across the street and I know their mother, I need to tell that kid, “you’re not doing the right thing. Get off these street corners, get off these blocks. Stop poisoning our community. This is stuff that we have to do to better our community,” Kulu said.

Source – https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/buffalo/news/2015/05/3/freddie-gray-rally