I Black Pharaoh Universe

I Black Pharaoh Universe

This written Masterpiece brings light to the accurate imagery of African kings never seen before by the western world. The ancient Egyptians before the coming of Greeks and later Romans were, African people. The novel is a powerful mythological story based on the Historical life of the expansionist Warrior “King Thutmose III”, who is also called the “Napoleon of Egypt”.

A prophecy is given to the sorcerer by way of dream, about a coming birth of a child that would become a mighty conqueror of nations. But his birth, would be darkened with betrayal, Deceit and eminent death to the Royal throne.

A book destined to leave a legacy… I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power by Emmanuel Kulu, Jr.

Meet The Author

Emmanuel Kulu Jr.

Emmanuel Kulu, Jr. is an African American author and writer of Cameroonian descent. His father, Emmanuel Kulu, Sr., was a Career Engineer and his mother, Betty Kulu, was a Career MD History Educator. As a Career Social Worked, Kulu also had a deep passion for history and creative arts.

Kulu tapped into film writing and acting with films like “The Rize and Fall of Tephlom Ent”, “Bug Love”, and “The 1st Purge.” In more recent years, Kulu turned his focus to embracing African linage. Upon deep study and research of Great African Kingdoms, he set his heart on Ancient Egypt as his first project as an author.

Kulu questioned the validity of prior novel and film depictions of the imagery of the Ancient Egyptians who were in fact, African people. Based on his study and research, Kulu created a mythological story based off true events: I Black Pharaoh: Rise To Power.

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I Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power

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