Chey Winston

African American Researcher 

Of Afro-latina American descent. Chey is a research historian with an insatiable passion for history and cultural connections globally.

Chey has always been inthralled by history around the world especially in ancient times. From an early age she was always interested in ancient Egypt. Seeing the hidden truths share through subliminal visuals she decided to educate her self further. Growing older Chey began finding the connections between civilizations through Ancient Scared math and travel. It was Spain that truly sparked a roaring fire for the quest for knowledge and to share the truths when she saw Gibraltar looked straight on to Africa realizing the general education she experienced was faulted. 

Chey has dedicated time and her life in the pursuit of sharing this knowledge and love of ancient Egypt and civilizations with the world. She has done Podcast, interviews, speaking engagements. Most recently, she has done a presentation at Buffalo museum on Ancient Egypt and the connection to the America’s through Ancient sacred math, Astrology, Architecture and Science.